• The 1st prize: 1 team with 500,000 RMB (70,000+ USD) cash bonus and an Outstanding winner Certificate of Ocular Disease Intelligent Recognition (ODIR-2019).
  • The 2nd prize: 1 team with 300,000 RMB (42,000+ USD) cash bonus and a Meritorious winner Certificate of Ocular Disease Intelligent Recognition (ODIR-2019).
  • The 3rd prize: 2 team with 100,000 RMB (14,000+ USD) cash bonus and Honorable mention of Ocular Disease Intelligent Recognition (ODIR-2019).

*The award-winning teams with outstanding techniques and excellent performance also have a chance to visit Advanced Institute of Information Technology (AIIT) in Hangzhou, and obtain supports from all aspects from AIIT to build a startup company. 

  • 一等奖:1支队伍,每支队伍获得50万元人民币+北京大学健康医疗大数据国家研究院认证的一等奖获奖证书
  • 二等奖:1支队伍,每支队伍获得30万元人民币+北京大学健康医疗大数据国家研究院认证的二等奖获奖证书
  • 三等奖:2支队伍,每支队伍获得10万元人民币+北京大学健康医疗大数据国家研究院认证的三等奖奖获奖证书