1.1 Participation
(1) Team account. Open registration to universities, research institutes, companies and individuals. Sign up your team information and accept challenge rules. One account per participant. There is no maximum team size. However, anonymous registrations and/or incomplete registrations are not accepted. After your account activated, you can access data and other materials within this challenge website.
(2) Code honor. It is not permitted to share algorithms, codes and data with other teams. It is 
mandatory to have a proper citation if you use open-source code/algorithms.
(3) Use of external data. For this challenge, it is open to use any data outside this challenge. Please indicate the data source if you do so.
(4) Copyright of submisson. Once you
submit results and technical reports/papers, you grant us permission to evaluate and publish your results and papers, which will be publicly avaiable on the leaderboard of challenge website.
(5) Workshop. Participants who want attend onsite competition (final competition) must have invitation letter from organizer group. There is no fee to join challenge.

1.2 Data
(1) Data Usage. All the released images and annotations of this challenge is only for educational and research purposes. It can be used for challenge participants without any charge. The dataset will be public available after the challenge. However, any commercial use of the data, for example, developing a commertial image analysis method based on this dataset, is not allowed.
(2) Data Redistribution. Redistribe the original dataset and/or with any modications of the dataset is prohibited. The redistribution right is reserved at data provider, Shanggong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
(3) Data Citation. We request you to cite this challenge website, database or p
ost-challenge publication if you use this database reporting results in your scientific works (articles, conference papers, posters, thesis, reports, etc.). Any feedback on the database is welcome. The person to contact is Hong Kang (

1.3 Submissions
(1) Submission format. Please read and follow submission instruction (see details in Task webpage).
(2) Submission enteries. You may submit a maximum of 3 entries per day. 
(3) Detailed report. It is mandatory to submit a short report (2-4 pages) to explain your method and results briefly (better in Elsevier conference paper
format) in English or Chinese if you would like attend on-site competition. It is not mandatory to share your developed codes, whereas it is strongly recommended.  

1.4 Miscellaneous
(1) Ownership of algorithms. Participants have full ownership of their algorithms. Participants are responsible for any improper usage of someone else's algorithm.
(2) Determing winners. We will score and rank submissions according to evaluation metrics. All the scores and ranks will be displayed publicly on the website leaderboard. Top-performing off-site participating teams will be invited to attened on-site competition (final competition) and workshop. The final winners are based on the perfomance of on-site competition.

1.1 参与



(3)外部数据的使用对于此竞赛中,您可以使用竞赛之外的任何数据。 如果您这样做,请指出外部数据的来源。



1.2 数据




1.3 提交




1.4 其他事项